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Bestway Solar-powered Pool Pad The Bestway solar-powered pool pad can increase the pool water temperature by between 3 degrees Celsius and 5 degrees Celsius depending on weather conditions. The pad is made durable, wear and tear-resistant and does not corrode and is compatible with most filter pumps and sand filters as well as standard above-ground pools. A set of installation adaptors is included. In terms of heated area, the pad can warm up to 1,88 sqm of pool area and is able to work in multiples to accommodate different pool sizes. Features: * Solar-powered pool pad* Compatible with 9,462 L/h (2,500 gal/h) filter pumps and 7,570 L/h (2,000 gal/h) and below sand filters* Compatible with all above-ground pools * Easy set up with included adaptors compatible with 3.2cm / 1.25" and 3.8cm / 1.5" hoses* Economical and environmentally-friendly pool heating* Increases water temperatures by 30C to 50C depending on weather conditions* Superior durability 0.9mm PVC* Good resistance to weather and other abrasive agents * Heating area of 1.88 m2 (20.23 ft2)* Can be used in multiples for different size pools
Specifications:* Size: 66cm x 27cm x 22cm
Package Content: 1 x Pool Pad1 x User Manual

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